UX/UI Design / Design Leadership

As the Lead Product Designer at Kraken, I took on the major undertaking of building a team and holistically improving the user experience of the entire legacy platform and end-to-end client journey. The consistent feedback from clients was that Kraken failed to meet expectations in user experience and interface design over our competitors. Over the course of two years, my team reinvented a complex legacy trading platform built by traders for traders to a user-friendly destination for investors and traders of all different backgrounds and levels of experience by redesigning the onboarding, trading, funding, security experiences as well as introducing a new consumer focused product for the casual crypto investor.
The Work

The above examples are worklows from Onboarding, Verification, Trading and Security functions of the platform as well as the proprietary Design System I created and helped implement into a component library.
The Process

The design process I cultivated at Kraken was based on best-practice User Centered Design principles.

The Design Process
Everything is a work in progress


Define & Understand

Define the problem we're trying to solve with a business objective and validate that it's aligned with user needs. Write a creative brief describing the objective with hypothesis and proposed design solution.

Planning & UX Design

Collaborate with Product to identify and document requirements and user stories. Conduct UX research including market analysis/benchmarking; qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. Design flow diagrams and wireframes; conduct usability testing on prototypes. Learn from findings and iterate. Establish requirements freeze.

Visual Design

Create polished UI design utilizing Design System components after wireframes are validated and approved. Conduct usability testing on prototypes, learn from findings and iterate. Establish a design freeze until the next phase.

Development & Testing

Collaborate with engineers in an agile environment to implement designs using design system & component library. QA test for UI and functionality bugs. Design team signs off on each release before going to production. Release, test and iterate.
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