Expedia: FriendTrips

UI/UX/Visual Design / Front-End Development / Branding
Social Web Application

Project Details

Client: Expedia

Team: Context Optional

Year: 2011

Project Details

At Context Optional, I played an integral role in creating the largest and most complex custom Facebook application in the company's history. Expedia's goals were to hit 1 million 'Likes' with this social marketing campaign. They partnered with 9 different vacation destinations to offer all-expenses paid "FriendTrips" to each destination for a user and 5 of their friends. No one was prepared for how successful and viral this application became... not only did Expedia surpass it's target of 1 million followers, the app was used and shared by over a million Facebook users. I was involved with this project from concept to launch as the branding and app designer and front-end developer alongside two Ruby on Rails developers.


UI/UX Design

Visual Design

Front-End Development

Social Media

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