What I Do.

User-Centered Design

I'm an NN/G certified UX Leader and "unicorn" with a full-stack creative/technical skillset that encompasses Design (Interaction 'UX'/Visual 'UI') and UI Development. With almost 20 years of experience I've excelled in many versatile roles and led teams at companies throughout various stages of growth from start-up to enterprise level in San Francisco and New York City. I follow User Centered Design principles to create intuitive products that are optimized for people who use them. I thrive in collaborative, Agile teams in organizations which believe in the business value of design thinking. Innovate/Ideate/Create. Meyers-Briggs profile: ESTJ "The Executive" Enneagram profile: Type 8 "The Challenger" & Type 7 "The Enthusiast" DISC profile: High "D" & "I" / Low "S" & "C"
Interaction Design, % 100
Visual Design, % 100
Design Systems, % 100
Wireframing, % 100
Prototyping, % 100
UI Development, % 90
Design Process

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(415) 779-6873
Oakland, CA
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