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With a unique skillset that encompasses both creative and technical expertise, I've had 15 years of experience in the technology and digital media space as an expert Visual, UI/UX and Responsive Web Designer and Front-End Developer. I've excelled in many versatile roles at companies throughout various stages of growth from freelance to start-up and enterprise level in San Francisco and New York City. I thrive in collaborative environments that emphasize innovation and self-accountability where I can take ownership of my work and make a big impact on the success of the product and mission. Lastly, I like to make the workplace fun and have been credited with contributing immensely to company culture with each role I take on.
I'm an expert at Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Web Design, Responsive Design with strong Front-end Development experience, HTML5, CSS/SCSS/OOCSS, UX principles (User Research, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping), Media Queries, UI Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation), Git, SCRUM/Agile development, CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, etc).

Discovery & Research

I work with you to identify the project or product's requirements, target users and goals, then conduct market research on competitors to set benchmarks throughout the user experience.

User Experience

Establish a simple and intuitive user flow that is streamlined for usability and best practices. Flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes and usability tests are all part of my process to refine the user flow before the pixel-perfect UI design and development process begins.


Create clean, responsive user interface layout designs that adhere to modern design principles. I can also deliver high-quality digital content design for marketing purposes.


Lastly, implement my UI design into clean front-end code that is fully responsive and adheres to best practices and modern standards like OOCSS.

This is how we do it.

UI/UX Design

Define intuitive, user-friendly interaction flow and create beautiful, high-quality layout designs for your software, web or mobile applications.

Web Design

Create beautiful, high-quality, responsive layouts and design for your website in compliance with modern web standards and trends.

Visual/Graphic Design

Create beautiful, high-quality/resolution assets for your digital media content, marketing campaigns, advertisements for web or print, pitch and sales decks and more...

Responsive Design

Create an optimal viewing experience for your users across all devices and platforms through your websites, software and web/mobile applications. Ensure that each layout breakpoint looks looks pixel perfect for every device.

Frontend Development

Bring to life my web, software and application designs into client-side code using HTML/HTML5, SCSS/Sass, JavaScript and responsive UI Frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. Exercise meticulous attention to detail and best practices in code. Use Media Queries to develop each breakpoint layout responsively and optimally.


Work with you to create your new company's unique identity and theme with color scheme, logos, style guidelines, business cards, t-shirt designs and more...

Creative. Technical. Rockstars.

The Boss

I'd love to work with you throughout your product or project journey from conception to launch. Let's do this!
Connie Wong
Madame President, Designer & Developer Extraordinaire

The Muse

CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer)

The Boss Kitty

"Yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to come in on Caturday... that would be great."
Senior Feline

The Fatty

"I'm so hungry... my bowl is only half full and I'm going to starve!"

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